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We empower companies through business automation, smart email and marketing solutions, passive income creation and training

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Malkie Scholnick, has been in the design field since 1998. In 2009, she began to share her knowledge by launching The Bold Edge and creating and delivering wildly successful online and distance learning courses. Hundreds of students worldwide have gained from her clear direction and superior student support.

The Bold Edge was grown through email marketing magic, business automation, and smart design.

Malkie is passionate about empowering women in business. In August 2018, Malkie organized the first women-only LinkedIn event. The event was a raving success and enabled many businesswomen to learn and grow their businesses.

In August 2018 Malkie published an in-depth article, in Mishpacha Magazine, focusing on the creation of online courses, email marketing and passive income. She is also the author of the “Marketing Magic” series, published in the Mishpacha Magazine, where she shared her valuable marketing and business advice.

She has gotten rave reviews for her vast knowledge, entertaining teaching style and experience in helping designers and business owners launch their companies.

We light the spark that explodes your business

We’ll show you what works for us, so you don’t have to go through the trial and error. No frustrations or headaches; just a clear process that will help you create and streamline processes and build new income streams for your company.


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