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Professional designer and marketing strategist Malkie Scholnick has been helping businesses launch, branch out, and scale up since 1998.

Her vast knowledge and industry experience, combined with her eagle-eye for detail and sharp creative streak, have made her a highly sought-after business growth expert.

Aside from rocket-boosting her clients’ companies, Malkie is deeply passionate about empowering women in business. In 2009 she founded The Bold Edge, an online platform providing distance learning courses to women across the globe, enabling them to find gainful employment both on and offline.

Malkie also successfully organized the first ever women-only LinkedIn Local event in Brooklyn, NY in August 2018.

In addition, Malkie is the author of the widely acclaimed “Marketing Magic” series, as well as the in-depth article “Earn Money While You Sleep,” as published in Mishpacha magazine. Receiving rave reviews from readers, her articles are packed full of strategies and tips for entrepreneurs and business owners on creating demand-generating marketing strategies, maximizing email marketing for increased profits, and diversifying income streams to keep business growth stable and steady, all year long.

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